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Not all we believe is real, nor all fiction false.


Heart Of Diamonds: a novel of scandal, love, and death in the CongoHeart Of Diamonds: A novel of scandal, love, and death in the Congo

International TV correspondent Valerie Grey risks her life—and her love—to expose a diamond smuggling scheme involving a celebrity televangelist, an African dictator, and possibly the White House.

Valerie uncovers the scandal while covering U.S. intervention in the war-torn Congo, where life itself is brutal and the censuring eyes of civilization have long been blinded. She follows a trail that leads hear from New York, Atlanta, and Washington to Kinshasa, Brazzaville, and the remote village of Mai-Munene while the three powerful men ruthlessly try to silence her.

Along the way, she meets dedicated doctor Jamie Talon, who battles his own demons in a struggling clinic in Mai-Munene. Valerie is forced to choose between the selfless physician and her mentor and lover, David Powell.


Hunting Elf: a doggone Christmas storyHunting Elf

A doggone Christmas story.

Join hapless Dan McCoy as he learns to live with a puppy he didn’t want in the first place--Elf, of course--a rascally Silky Terrier with the heart of Rin-Tin-Tin and the table manners of Grendel’s mother.

Elf leads Dan, his long-suffering wife June, and a cast of wacky neighbors, goofy relatives, and nefarious dog nappers on a merry chase through the New York suburbs of Westchester and beyond.


Blind Curve and other stories light and darkBlind Curve and other stories light and dark

Fifteen stories in various genres--and some not so easily categorized--make up this collection of short fiction exploring the light and dark sides of the human condition

Included are stories of horror and suspense, a little sci-fi, a coming-of-age tale or two, and several works that look God in the face and ask “WHY?”

Read a sample:

A Tale Of The Christ, RE:Al, Spring/Fall, 2004

Tooth Fairy Daddy, PermaFrost, Summer, 2004