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The Dynamic Manager

inspired by the stories of hundreds of small business owners and managers

The most important skill I learned as a journalist was how to ask questions and truly listen to the answers. That skill helped me in my sales career, too, and was even more important when I became an entrepreneur.  Listening to other business owners talk about their successes, failures, experiments and tried-and-true tactics helped me not only avoid repeating their mistakes but encouraged me to persevere and try new strategies.  The stories and advice of hundreds of small business owners and managers inspired the Dynamic Manager.

Marketing & AdvertisingThe Dynamic Manager’s Guide To Marketing & Advertising:
How to grow sales and boost your profits

  • Market more effectively online--and off
  • Beat the Big Box competition
  • Find out what makes your customers tick
  • Compete without chopping prices
  • Tune up your publicity machine
  • Learn the five rules of good advertising
  • See seven ways to ”Wow” your customers

Managers and entrepreneurs just like you tell how they handle the nitty-gritty details of creating ads, buying media, designing promotions, and many other tasks of good marketing.

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Available in trade paperbackKindleNook, and other ebook formats.

The Dynamic Manager’s Guide To Creative Selling:Creative Selling
How To make more sales and build a super sales career

  • Turn suspects into prospects and make prospects into customers for life
  • Create demand from new customers and uncover new needs for existing ones
  • Get easy cold call appointments and make sales on the first call
  • Find the path around objections and close more sales without pressure
  • Manage your time to make more sales and enjoy your super sales career

Creative Selling works in good economies and bad. Learn the basic principles of making a sale and hone your advanced selling skills with tips from the pros.

Available in trade paperback, Kindle, Nook, and other ebook formats.

Practical ManagementThe Dynamic Manager’s Guide To Practical Management:
How to manage money, people, and yourself to increase your company’s profits

  • Learn financial planning, find cash for your business in good times and bad
  • Manage change and maximize profits
  • Hire, train, motivate, and promote great employees--and terminate the rest
  • Build sales with creative marketing methods
  • Face down family business demons and preserve the company for future generations

Based on interviews with retailers, manufacturers, wholesalers, service providers, restaurateurs, and others with lessons for managers in every industry.

Available in trade paperback, KindleNook, and other ebook formats.

Retail Selling

Dynamic Manager Handbooks

20 titles, short, to the point, and bargain priced!

Save time and money while focusing your attention on the business skills that matter most to you.

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