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Creative Selling

Dave Donelson's Creative Selling System enables any salesperson to achieve extraordinary success. Read how you can become a creative seller in Creative Selling: Boost Your B2B Sales. Here are some of the Creative Selling skills you'll learn:

  • The Five Keys To Getting An Appointment By Phone
  • Four Steps To Overcoming An Objection
  • How To Recognize Buying Signals
  • Guidelines For Successful Negotiations
  • How To Make More Calls Without Doing More Work

Filled with real-life examples and anecdotes drawn from sales professionals, Creative Selling will help salespeople of all experience levels hone their selling skills and close more deals faster than before.

Read Chapter One - “Be A Michelangelo Of Sales”

Creative Selling: Boost Your B2B SalesHere's what they're saying about Creative Selling:

"This is a terrific book on selling, full of powerful, proven methods and techniques you can use immediately!"
--Brian Tracy, Chairman, Brian Tracy International

"Informative and insightful"
--William Shaw, President and CEO, Fox Television Sales

"The book also includes worksheets, checklists, idea boxes, summaries, and examples to better explain concepts for readers  that are quite helpful"
--Elana Harris, Sales and Marketing Management Magazine

"...Creative Selling is full of creative ideas, ones that can be used to make better phone calls, give better presentations, and network  more efficiently. With enthusiasm that's contagious, the author sells his ideas very effectively."
--Vicki Gervickas, ForeWord

"Donelson brings thirty years of sales experience to this book and it shows."
--Alan Caruba, Bookviews

“I've read a lot of different books over the years on the subject of sales success, and this one is very good. It's well written, easy to understand, and it contains a lot of practical ideas that I was able to put to work immediately.” Review

"An innovative technique for selling ideas...."
--Entrepreneurship Institute of Canada

Published by Entrepreneur Press, September 2000
ISBN: 1-891984-15-2

Available from your favorite on-line or local bookstore.