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Blind Curve

and other stories light and dark

Blind Curve and other stories light and darkFifteen pieces of short fiction that explore the light and dark sides of the human condition.

The Alley - Two twelve-year-old boys play rough in an alley--with a ten-year-old girl

Bad Dog - A curly-tailed puppy whose eyes are curiously knowing

Select-O-Matic - When a dead juke box comes to life, it plays nasty secrets

Arsallah - Even the best-intentioned wars create collateral damage

Blind Curve - An ambitious Ugandan villager considers the rewards--and deadly consequences--of a family business decision.

A Tale Of The Christ (read the story here) - If God has a plan, why does it include such pain?

Tooth Fairy Daddy (read the story here) - Sometimes, a boy can lose his father in the mythology

Timeless Golf - A season on the links that never ends

The Mark On The Dove - A master craftsman devotes his work to his church, but God doesn’t care

Mia - Never, ever, be nasty to the sales clerk

One Sneaker One Brogan - Bizarre things happen when tourists catch the scent of blood

Roberta’s Rules Of Order - A curious historian wishes he never solved the mystery of a Revolutionary War battle

Johnnie Reads - What begins as an escape from a brutal step-father turns into a life lost in books

And Now For A Word - Flash fiction with a macabre ending.