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Welcome to my portfolio. I hope what you read, see, and hear will not only entertain you, but will give you some ideas of your own. The highest aspiration of any communicator is to ignite a spark in the psyche of his audience.                                         --Dave Donelson

Weird Golf

Golf has so much more to offer than hushed fairways and perfectly-trimmed greens. For golfers with open and slightly-twisted minds, there are also blue gnomes that read putts, ghosts with golf tips, and witches you never, ever want to play through. Tongue firmly in cheek, Dave Donelson tells some of the strangest stories in golf. You’ll laugh, you’ll cry, you might even throw up your dinner, but Weird Golf will make you think twice about teeing it up at twilight.

Heart Of Diamonds

“An absolutely brilliant must-read book. Dave Donelson captures the essence of the Congo’s challenges. His Heart Of Diamonds is the modern corollary to Joseph Conrad’s Heart of Darkness. Dave breaks the silence about the conflict in the Congo and firmly stands with the Congolese people in their quest for peace, justice, and human dignity.”

--Kambale Musavuli, National Spokesperson, Friends of the Congo

Hunting Elf: A doggone Christmas story

“As the owner of four crazy dogs, I found Hunting Elf hilarious. The story is a great mix of comedy and caper. I recommend this book to everyone, but it is a must listen for dog lovers.”

-- review from Podibooks.com

Blind Curve and other stories light and dark

Fifteen stories in various genres--and some not so easily categorized--make up this collection of short fiction exploring the light and dark sides of the human condition. It includes Blind Curve, a tale of a Ugandan villager who weighs the rewards--and deadly consequences--of a family business decision.

Marketing & Advertising Creative Selling Practical Management

“Dave Donelson spent many years in the small business trenches and it shows. He understands what makes a small business work and knows how to make it work better. His advice is practical, his approach realistic, and he keeps the preaching to a minimum.”       --review from Amazon.com












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